Frequently Asked Questions

How old do you have to be to attend Woodward?

The vast majority of our campers are between the ages of 7 and 18. We happily accept adult campers, who must submit to a background check and will be housed separately from younger campers.


How much does camp cost and what does that price include?

Prices depend on your child's sport and what week he or she attends. Rates are all inclusive: instruction, food, lodging, and a whole lot of fun! The only extra expenses (optional) are CreateAskate ($30) and spending money for the Camp Store and Canteen.


What is the Store Card?

Our Store Cardk works just like a bank account. Their money is available to start their account and they can debit against that balance throughout the week when they make purchases. Funds can be added prior to arrival or at check-in.

We discourage campers from keeping cash with them; access to the store card account is available for any purchases they need to make. If they want a couple of dollars for vending machines, they can simply withdraw it (up to $5 per day).

To protect each camper's account, cashiers ask each camper a minimum of two personal questions during each transaction; for example, "When is your birthday?" or "What street do you live on?" These questions, unique to each camper, can be easily answered by your child but not by other campers. This system has prevented theft for many years.

The average camper deposits about $150 per week in their store card.  


What is there to purchase in the Store, Shop and Canteen?

The Camp store sells necessities such as toothpaste, stamps, batteries, and socks. We also carry souvenirs like stickers, hats, T-shirts, sweatshirts, leotards, and safety gear. The Bike/Skate Shop sells parts campers may need to fix action sports equipment in case they break while in attendance. Our Canteen has snacks, such as pizza, soda, ice cream, pretzels, chips, and candy.


Where do campers stay?

Camper stay in cabins with approximately 13 other campers around the same age and usually in the same sport. Campers may request to stay with their friends who are in their same general age group. We will do our best to honor housing requests.

Each cabin has a counselor that is at least 18 years old.  In our 40 years of experience, we have found that 7 to 9 year olds have a more positive camp experience when housed separately from older campers. Campers in our Youth Camp have a "mini mom" or "mini dad" whose only responsibilities during the day are to monitor and assist our younger wards (counselors in older cabins typically have instructional responsibilities). For more information about our Youth Camp, please call our camp office and ask for the housing director: 661-822-7900.


What do campers eat?

A cold cereal, bagel, and fruit bar complements hot breakfast entrées. Lunch and dinner have a hot entrée option, along with our plentiful salad bar. Also, our Ball Park Rail Yard allow campers to enjoy their choice of hamburgers, veggie burgers, and hot dogs during lunch and dinners. Vegetarian/Vegan options are always available. All meals are included in camp fees. If your child has allergies or requires some other special dietary needs, please call the camp office and ask to speak to our food and beverage manager: 661-822-7900. More information here.


Do you have to be a certain skill level to attend Woodward?

No, each session we get all ability levels from beginner to advanced. We evaluate campers' ability upon arrival to place them into groups with campers of the same ability level. This allows campers in the same group to learn and work on the same or similar skills.


Can my child sign up for more than one sport?

Campers must sign up in the sport for which they would like to receive instruction.


What should be brought to camp?

Once you become a registered camper, we will send you a suggested list of what to bring (you can also download our registered camper packet for action sports or gym/cheer). This list is also available on the Parents section of this Web site ("What to Bring").

All campers should remember to bring a pillow, towel, and a sleeping bag. Please mark all your belongings in permanent marker with your first and last name. Lost and found items are easier to return when marked.

Action sport campers must bring all their own equipment and safety equipment (helmet, pads, etc.). Detailed information is available in our brochure and in our registered camper packet.

Bring no valuables; you know your kids ... they leave stuff everywhere. Now imagine that with 300 kids! Cell phones and iPods are discouraged. Woodward West cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items.


Who are the instructors?

Woodward West has built its reputation on outstanding facilities, dedication to each and every camper, and a staff of experienced, enthusiastic, and talented individuals. Our staff members come from around the world and most return year after year. Some are actively competing athletes; others are former competitors, professionals, Olympians, etc.

In the action sports, there are 10 campers in each group with one instructor. The ratio in gymnastics, cheer, acro stumbling and parkour is 7:1. Class sizes vary each week according to the number of campers for each sport.


What VIPs will be there this summer?

We have visiting pros (action sports) and Olympians (gymnastics) here every week. While we are constantly working to secure their schedules, it is difficult to know too far in advance who will be here when. The best thing to do is watch our Web site.


Is there anything to do besides my sport?

Yes! We have a wide variety of extracurricular activities, including: arts and crafts; photography; videography; swimming; bowling; rock wall; organized rec activities every day; the Friday Night Social; Music Program, tennis, Krazy Karts and more!


What should I do if I suspect my child might get homesick?

Sleep-away camp offers an excellent opportunity for children to learn how well they can manage without their parents and that other adults care about them. A visit from home interrupts their day, takes their attention from new friends and fun activities, and often spawns or exasperates homesickness.

It has been our experience that it is more often the parents that are having a difficult time adjusting to their child's absence or overreacting to a child's early anxiety at being away from home. Check your own feelings about having your child gone for a week or more. If you are not ready yourself, you may unwittingly make it difficult for your child to be away from you, consequently spurring feelings of guilt or feelings that he or she has doesn't have permission to enjoy himself outside your purview.

For more information on homesickness, we recommend investigating Dr. Chris Thurber's works at Also feel free call our camp office to speak to the housing director to discuss your concerns: 661-822-7900.


Can parents come and visit?

Yes. All visitors must first sign-in at the camp office. Since we are a private camp, we are not open to the public. Visiting hours for summer camps are Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. 


When do campers arrive at camp?

Summer Camp Check-in is on Sundays between 2:00pm - 4:00pm. Upon arriving at our camp facilities, you will be directed by our friendly camp staff to available parking. Check-in is located within camp grounds in our 54,000 sq ft Hangar. Directors and staff will be awaiting your arrival to ensure a fun and quick check-in. We know how excited our campers are to get camp STARTED! :)

Check In Time: 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Woodward West also provides transportation services from Bakersfield and northern and southern California. For more information on our "Transportation Services" please CLICK HERE.


Do you still have availability for certain sessions?

You will need to call the camp office to inquire about availability in the session of your choice. Woodward West will fill up, so don’t wait!


Do I have to pay my camper's full registration fee even though I don't know if I will be hired as a camp parent?

In order to reserve a space for your camper, you must submit a registration form with deposit.

If your child’s registration is dependent upon you being hired, we suggest that you do not register your child until you have received notification of having been hired (i.e., your contract). Yes, there is a chance that the session you’ve been hired for will be full and your child will have to go on a waiting list; we almost always get this worked out, but there is no guarantee.


How long does it take to process my registration?

Registration is complete once payment is made. Your registration is active once payment is processed.


Why do I have to put a Social Security number on the medical form?

We have included everything on the medical form that we have consistently run across in our efforts to procure medical attention, prescription medication, etc.


I filled out a medical form last year, do I have to fill one out again?

Yes. Among other things that may be updated annually on the medical form, the state of California requires that campers have a physical exam within one year of attending camp, which is confirmed on this form.


What is your cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policy can be viewed here at this form: CANCELLATION POLICY


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