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While this year's Mano a Mano contest was a battle of some of the most creative mini ramp skating we've seen in a long time, there was a separate battle for points on our Bracket Challenge Leaderboard.  As 16 of the best transition skaters eliminated each other one by one the Ranazz family found themselves atop the leaderboard.  



Picking the bracket was a family affair when the Ranazz family heard about The Bracket Challenge through an email blast that we had sent out. (You can join our email list by clicking here)  Jack (the father) who was an avid skateboarder as a kid went back and forth with his children on who they thought would win each battle and why.  Together the Ranazz family watched as many of the daily battles together as they could which they say brought them together as a family. 

Watch Mano A Mano Here


A huge congrats to the Ranazz family and 10 year old son Zack, who will be returning this year during Week 8 for free this summer!  If you see him at camp be sure to say congrats.  We're guessing you'll find him ripping around the bowls and tearing up the coping of Woodward West.   See some pictures of him ripping below!  


IMG 1381


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