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hotshot handle

The Hotshot handle team came out and filmed some clips for their "Hot Off the Press" section on Hellaclips. Check it all out below!

Chris Haffey is known for pushing the levels of inline on the streets, in a skatepark, and on the Megaramp®. Chris has been a long time visitor to Woodward West Since the begining of the camp in the west coast. This latest edit showcases his style and consistancy to his craft. Way to go Chris.

thumb_haffey8The Intuition Skate Shop dudes were hanging at camp this past week for inline week and they've updated their site with so,so many sick photos and content they clocked from their stay. They've got pictures from the Mega, the Target rail, the Hangar and more, all coupled with some really cool little recap posts. I'm pretty sure I saw top name skaters like Chris Haffey, and Derek Henderson thrown in there so you know it's good stuff!

thumb_inline8We've had some rally talented skaters roll through camp the past couple weeks and they've been shredding everything in sight. Last week the bladers got together for a rad street comp in the Target Plaza, taking advantage of all the banks, ledges, rails, tables and even the roofs. Andrew Nemiroski was there to document the action, and luckily his camera was rolling for the banger! I'm not going to spoil the clip, but I will tell you that it's definitely worth it to watch this edit through the end. 

If you're not stoked on the last clip I'll buy you a milkshake from the Canteen.

rollerwarehouseDave Hirt gives you a closer look at the new 2012 Woodward West brochures. If you make an order with Rollerwarehouse, be sure to ask for one in your next order or along with your next catalog. Check out for more great deals.

IMG_5971Here is an edit that was put together by the Woodward staff members and a few of the campers from week 5. The video features Tony Lombardo, Howie Curd, Avery Confer, Sami Sheinberg, Miguel Ramos, Jerome Meobus, Cassandra Condon, Fanky Zhang, and Daniel Viselli.

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