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At the age of 25, Grant Brittain decided to pick up a camera to shoot his Skateboarding buddies at the Del Mar Skate Ranch outside of San Diego, California. Throughout his career, Grant has been credited for documenting some of the most iconic and pivotal times in Skateboarding history. Shooting with legends like Rodney Mullen, Tony Hawk, Mark Gonzales, Lance Mountain, Natas Kaupas and many more.

Photographer: Digital Media camper Sloane Black 
Subject: Skate camper Marco Oliveira

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thumb_stepup1I'm real stoked on this DigiLab edit featuring our famous dirt Step Ups! These jumps epitomize riding: you bomb down a massive dirt hill, hanging on for dear life, before blasting a huge lip and soaring forever before sticking the landing on a soft-ish mound miles above. Staff and campers alike conquered the hill and came out with a smile, but Jake Kinney pretty much owns this edit. Watch, and you'll see why!

insightCamper Zach Morris wanted to hear the story behind some of the Directors here at Woodward West. For the past two weeks, Zach Morris put together this short documentary to get some "Insight" on the people behind the scenes here.

DMCskatthumbCamper Jake Sorensen spent week #2 at Woodward West following skate instructor Brian Johnson around to get a more in depth look at "The Meaning of Skateboarding." In order to do so, Jake and his instructor, Dave Lang, took the time to create this short documentary in order to capture Brian's views on skateboarding.

thumb_aragonWRSDigital Media instructor Dave Lang spent some time with Rollerblading pro athlete Brian Aragon and filmed this edit in Hangar 18 at Woodward West. Check it out!

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